I thought I'll do a 10 things you don't know about me, I think this things is fun to read, at least what i'll think. So some things you maybe already know about me and some are maybe a suprize? I don't know, but let's find out.
- I have very easy to laugh and i'll never stop when I've started. 
- I'm a vegitarian, and have been since wow i don't know for sure how long but for a very long time now.
- I don't drink alcohole, I never even tried it. The reason why, is that i don't have one haha. No really i don't now but i never felt for it (?).
- I believe in Jesus and god. And last summer I got a sign that he do exist. One of the coolest moments of my life.
- I'm afraid of the night, i don't like when it's dark outside and I have a problem of sleeping. AND i've seen to many horror movies.. 
- I have a wild fantasy, in 9th grade i made up a hole book ( just because i hate to read books and we had to read one and do an essay on it) and i got a really good grade on it. I think it was one of my best grades i ever got haha.
- The worst thing i know and really make me feel sick is Buggs.. Really i'm not kidding, i need to check every corner in my room and drag my bed out just to make sure is not any bugg or spider there. I know i'm weird but just the thought of a bugg makes me wanna throw up.
- I've said that i have a problem to fall a sleep, right? Yeah, I also have a problem of walking up (?) haha so when i finally fall a sleep I really can't get up.. I need to have 20 alarms just so i can hear the last one, it's not a joke. And sometimes i don't even hear that so my mom calls me on the phone every morning just to make clear i'm awake.. haha.
- One thing i would really want to try is to be an actor. I would love to be in movies and go back it time and yeah all that kind of things. 
- And if i could, I'll marry Leornado Dicaprio. 

Så himla vacker!

God bless you!

Svar: Åh men tack finaste du!
God bless you too!
Emmy Nikolausson

2015-01-17 // 11:30:40

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