It's been awhile. but there's been so much going on in my life for the moment. First of all i'm in forsmark and working. Well i never thought in my life i would end up there but it's just for two month tho so it's not forever. But there's been a very tough time in my life this year. I don't like to talk about with so many strangers because it's hard for me to talk about it. I will make it short. But I've been very bad. I've been stressed about my future and it's been going on for three years or even more. But this year i got depressed and started to have panic attacks. I cried every night and i got so lost. I didn't feel for dressing up, i could go in the same clothes for weeks, just a pair of jeans and a hoodie. And if you know me, that's not me at all. I've went to the hospital and they said i'm to young to be depressed about the future, that i have my whole life in front of me. So I stared to talk to someone about everything and it takes time it sure do. But i'm on my way up again. And now I feel so much better, i'm more happy about life and i don't feel worried about the future like i did before. Because I just live one day at a time and I do what i feel like doing. I got a job at okg, and been there since may this year .But a month ago i went to forsmark to work for ISS. It's not what i want to do for the rest of my life but that's what i do for the moment. I have things i wanna do in my life and i will do them when i feel like doing them. I hope you understand now why I've been away from here. I didn't had inspiration. So it's been tough, because i love doing this. Taking photos and inspire others. And i promies i will do my best to be better to update here for now on. It's gonna be tough tho i am in forsmark but i will do my best. Xx

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