I found some old photos from a brunch me and two friends did a few month ago. I would seriously do anyhing for this right now. The best thing i know is American Pancakes with nutella and some fresh fruits.YUMMMIE.
But Ahhh no stop talking now, i only get hungry when i look and talk about it. So i'll stop. 
And about to get better with my update here, i will start this weekend. That's because It's so dark when i get home, so i can't take photos of what i'm wearing so i will take some outifts so i have for the hole week, (i will at least try, it all depends of my lill sis, She's the one who help me) so i have some i can use, even tho it's dark. Yeah, You get what i mean, i don't even think i need to explain it. So i don't why i do?! haha. But anyway hope you'll have a nice evening my lovely readers. XX

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