Photos: Sara Nikolausson
So yesterday I was wearing this. I totally love my new bag from River Island that I bought in Stockholm. But anyway. Happy midsummer, well it's a few days late but why not say it anyway. i went to Gotland with my friends, and i had a great time. I haven't laughed that much in month so it has been a great weekend even tho the weather wasn't that great. I hope my lovely readers had a great midsummer as well. Xx


Loving my new coat from GinaTricot. And not to forget my new lovely sunnies from River Island. Me and two of my besties and my lovely cousin went to Stockholm this weekend to see the best brittish band. Oh yes  I'm taking about One Direction. I've seen Mr Styles Smile in real life. How can I not be in heaven haha. No but he is a beautiful. But we also been shopping, eating and just having fun. So my weekend I've been succesful. How was your weekend? Xx


From Thailand 09.
What I miss this paradise. I would love to go back. Xx


Photos: Olivia Pettersson
So.. it's been awaile now.. But there's been so much going on right now. I've been working nonstop and the thing is when i have time off, I have so much to do so that's why I haven't been updating here. But i will do my best to change that. And i am sooo glad to see alot of you are still looking in here time to time. And that means alot to me. SO alot of love to you all. Wish you all a sweet goodnight. Xx